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In Awajun language, ikam means forest.

We are an ecotourism operator created in 2018, dedicated to designing travel experiences that generate positive links between people and forest through a business model with shared benefits for partners, allies and the nature environment.

We are local people, who know their territory and biodiversity and at the same time we have the experience and capabilities to provide the best experiences in your trips.

Meet our guides

Julio C. Tello

Specialist in bird and primate watching

Julio C. Tello Alvarado is from Moyobamba, located in the Amazonian region of San Martin. Since 2007, he has been birding in the north of the country as part of his job and as a hobby.

He has also been guiding groups for bird and primate watching. He participated in different birding studies focused on the species of the highlands and jungle of northern Peru.

He also worked doing biological inventories of birds in San Martin and other parts of the country, having the opportunity to visit some interesting community conservation initiatives.

For 7 years, he was part of an NGO dedicated to the study and conservation of primates, where he gained the necessary experience on this and other groups of mammals. This allowed him to participate in a study that led to the registration of a new species of Titi-monkey for Peru.


Specialist in birdwatching and orchids

Edgar Carlos Chuquilin Silva is a passionate naturalist, a great expert on birds and orchids. His interest in birds began at the age of 15, when his family had to move to live in the Amazon of northern Peru and he was amazed by the extraordinary jungle that surrounded him.

From then his interest in nature and birds grew, so he decided to prepare himself and study conservation-related issues.

He began working for coffee production cooperatives, which had practices that were respectful of the environment and birds. It was then, when he started his first bird records.

Then he worked for an NGO in the execution of projects related to the conservation and management of birds and orchids, within the framework of conservation agreements with the Alto Mayo Protected Forest. At that time, he also began birding expeditions as a birding guide in northern Peru.


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